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Turnmill & Skipton Development

These two models were intended to show the spaces over time within each model and how they were being laid out and utilised. Stuart Piercy decided on projection mapping as a medium to animate the various modes of the buildings. Jun Wei Koh an Architectural Assistant made both models and embedded the hardware that I had developed for both models for the projection mapping to work. The animations for Skipton were all done in Madmapper(for testing projection zones),Cinema 4d, After Effects, Maya, and Golaem (for crowd behaviors) by myself, and the Turnmill content was done with the help of Jack Barnett another Architectural Assistant at Piercy and Company. Skipton also had a rotating elephant on the roof of the model so this was programmed and controlled by the hardware I had in place.

Here are some studies from early tests I did on Skipton:

Below are the final sequences that would have been projected on the models had the exhibition gone live this year(2020). Please look at the Skipton Unity post ( to see the content on a digital version of the Skipton model.

Here are some drawings and diagrams to illustrate how the Turnmill model operates:

Here is a video of the final content, also please see the post Turnmill to see how the projection mapped content would have looked.

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