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Mocap-With a Perception Neuron Suit

I have been working on an animation with the Bartlett UCL, to produce educational material for incoming Architecture students to teach them about building principals. My role was to animate the 2 main characters and based on a prewritten script and storyboard. Here are some of my tests through out the process for the Maus character.

The suit was quite glitchy, and the sensors very often then not had issues calibrating in various spaces. The hand rotations were also off , so this involved me having to manually adjust keyframes in Cinema4D when the mocap (fbx) file came through. There were times when I was able to record perfectly just by rotating the sensors on the hands 90 degrees, but this wasn’t always the quick fix solution.

Maus’ facial expressions were worked up in Cinema4d using posemorph to transition between the facial expressions. Unfortunately the mocap suit did not have fingers or facial sensors so I had to do this in post if necessary for the shot.

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