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Cavendish Development

This model was really exciting for me to design the mechanics for, the hardware was pretty similar to Kew House minus the smoke effect. I started deconstructing the mechanism of the tool box and applying it the building. Because the toolbox mechanism works with evenly spaced trays stacked on each other with mirrored hinges this was slightly different, because the floor thickness were all different and one side had 1 more floor then the other. Also the typical opening point is in the middle where the handles pull each side, but I needed to conceal the opening motion underneath the model, so that the mechanics were hidden. I ended up extending the lowest hinges down and creating pull points on the levers of the last arm hinges which directly attach to the linear gear rack servos. I also added 92 bearings to smooth out the motion of each hinge and also eventually replaced the acrylic hinges at the bottom with laser cut aluminumones. It’s a bit creaky but overall really fun to work on. Again an Architectural Assistant by the name of Liam Merrigan helped me to take my first iteration of the mechanism to the final dolls house like building you can see in the last video.

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