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AR in Unity for IPad Pro

Piercy and Company wanted me to create an AR experience of an interior space which would have an art work that they would be able to move around in real-time on site so they could gauge where it worked best and at what scale.

This was a tool Piercy and Company wanted to develop for a client. I worked on creating the interface for the IPad and how one could interact with the art work using a map of the space to move, scale and rotate the art work. I used the Lean touch asset for the position, rotation and scale and then created a minimap using a camera for the map. This was all created in Unity using the URP workflow. At the time of rendering this particular space I used Redshift to bake out all the textures of the space, but as of now I am using Shadergraph for it’s speed and adjustability as well as vertex painting for more details in the material.

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