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3dsMax camera path to Enscape Tool

My office wanted a way to put animated content into their Enscape renders, like walking people or fading lights etc. So since they use 3ds Max and Rhino Enscape, I decided to write a basic tool in 3ds Max to export camera and target positions, this was then converted by a python script I wrote, that turns the camera data into an XML file, which is readable by Enscape. The python script also will ask for a couple more parameters like Field of View and frame rate, which you can easily get from 3dsmax. The field of view can be animated , i just ran out of time to add that, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to add to the python script if you have an animated FOV. The framerate I stuck to 30fps as it seemed to work better when compositing, not sure why but i think enscape does some rounding, couldn’t figure out what.

Below is a dropbox link to the Max script and the Python script.

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