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3d Conway in Houdini

After creating a 2-dimensional Conway, I went about trying to code a 3d conway in Houdini.

Using the nearpoints function within Houdini I was able to obtain all the neighbours of the cubes within a given radii. I then applied conway’s rules with some adaptation within the solver node.

(Vex node on prims)

int prims[] = nearpoints(0,@P,chf(‘vector’),chf(‘searchradii’));
i[]@neighbourPrims = prims;
// [] nearpoints(int opinput, vector pt, float maxdist, int maxpts)
// or if you want to not store itself:
i[]@neighbourPrims = prims[1:];
//Prints the size of 1 instead of 4
int length = len(@neighbourPrims);


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