I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me there.



AR in Unity for IPad Pro

VR study for Oculus Quest

The Natural History Museum London


Robots in Hull

3 way lenticular

Macallan Whisky Visitor’s Experience

DNA Translation Game

Array to bitmap

Ribbon Tree

Unicorns and Jedi Controls

Robot Zen Garden Sketch

The Neon Tree

Concept sketches for an artwork in the water

Concept Sketch_12

Concept Sketch_11

Concept Sketch_ 10

Concept Sketch_09

Concept Sketch_08

Concept Sketch_07

Concept Sketch_06

Concept Sketch 05

Concept Sketch_01

Scent Constellation

Space Junk

The Gymnartist

Cucumber Plant

Fish in a Pond

Forest Swayers

Shadow Form

Fish Twist

Origami Flowers

Bulb Love

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