I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me there.



AR in Unity for IPad Pro

VR study for Oculus Quest

Unity Supermodels in VR

Tiny AR worlds

Pixel Dump

3dsMax camera path to Enscape Tool

Mouse dance

Export pyroFX to Unreal Engine

Version 1 of the Mies an Maus show

Mies character development

Mocap-With a Perception Neuron Suit

Cavendish Development

Cavendish in Unity

potato peeling

3D lenticular art work

Ball Run

Concept Sketch 19

Concept Sketch 17

The Natural History Museum London


Conway’s Game of Life on the 15th Pentagonal Grid

Pixel Constellation

Concept Sketch_14

Concept Sketch_11

Concept Sketch_08

Concept Sketch 05

Concept Sketch_02

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